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Purr Pals - Plam Beach PurrsWho we are:

We are a new non profit organization founded on the mission for the protection of cats and homeless kittens. We work toward educating the communities about the importance of TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate and release) programs as well as finding solid, loving homes for cats and kittens in need.  We have recently partnered with Miami Beach Animal Advocates to help our animals get into loving families once healthy! 

Why we want to help:

Did you know that kittens are the most vulnerable animals in high kill shelter? They are more likely to be euthanized than any other animal simply because they are not adoptable yet due to their age and size. Shelters work with limited space and staffing resources and kitten require much more care than a shelter can offer. Often times, that means euthanasia is the only option for these tiny lives. Snuffed out before the end of the very same day they were brought in. Unless... another rescue hears about their dire situation and is able to act in time to save them. But that means, a loving and attentive foster must be available to personally feed and care for the baby or babies. Funding must be available for food, litter and medications. Then before long, the expenses of vaccinations and spay/neuter must be secured in order to responsibly rehome the kitten when ready. 

Our organization works with many local rescues to help secure the kitten in a loving foster to to help ensure that kitten and rescue has all they need to give this tiny life the best chance possible. We also work to rehome adult cats in need when found to be friendly and craving a family of their own.




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